How often do you travel to the UK?
  • We travel to the UK twice a week on busy periods or every ten days in quieter periods.
  • The transporters are Bramham of Buckinghamshire or Eric Gillie Transport who delivers to Scotland, call 00353 872116719. Brophy Bloodstock delivers to Europe.
  • All costs for the Transport to the UK are included in the advertised price. 
Are the Horses as described?
  • All horses are described as we experienced their behaviour in our environment.
  • They are described as the rider experienced their ability, their quietness and the way the horse is riding.
  • The horse might change its behaviour when it arrives at a new place until it has settled in.
Do you have other horses than the ones on the website?
  • Yes. We have many other horses here on the farm. If you do not see a horse that suits your needs on the website, do not hesitate to call Gerty on 00353 868077626 to find out about other horses we have coming up for sale.
How often do you upload new videos of horses?
  • We try to have new videos uploaded by the weekend.
  • The Videos are taken at home.
Should I get the horse vetted?
  • We recommend you vet your new horse before it leaves our yard.
How can I pay for the horse?
  • Through bank transfer, or cash on delivery. 
Are horses good in traffic, easy to load, and easy to wash down?
  • Our horses are all accustomed to seeing traffic on a regular basis from cars to large machinery.
  • Our horses are all loaded into both horseboxes and lorries when going hunting and other training events.
  • Horses are also hosed down on a daily basis after ridding and bathed regularly.
Do your horses ride out alone or in company?
  • Both. Our horses are all ridden both alone and in company daily.
  • Our horses are hacked out on the road, in an indoor and outdoor school and over cross-country both alone and in company.
What bit is the horse ridden in?
  • All our horses are ridden in Snaffle bits.
How long do you own the horse?
  • Most of our horses are bred here on the farm or bought as two or three year olds.
  • Others are bought broken and riding but are kept here and ridden daily until we are satisfied they are ready to be sold.
Does the horse have a passport?
  • All our horses have passports.
Will the horse have shoes when he/she arrives?
  • The majority of our horses will have a full set of shoes on arrival to your yard.
When did the horse get his teeth done last?
  • Our horse dentist visits on a regular basis and checks the horses’ teeth.
What feed does the horse get?
  • We feed our horses on hay and haylage. We rarely feed our horses on hard feed.
Are the names of the horses on the website the same as the horses passport?
  • No. The names of the horses on the website are all stable names. If you want to know the official name, just call Gerty on 00353 868077626.
What should I do when my horse arrives?
  • We recommend you feed your new horse hay or haylage on arrival and make sure he gets enough water.
  • We recommend you ride your new horse within 12 hours of arrival, being aware your yard is a new environment for the horse and the horses travelled over several hours.
  • You should ride your new horse every day for the first week, if possible.
What happens if I need to exchange the horse?
  • We will exchange the horse/pony within 14 days of delivery.
  • A similar horse can be exchanged or a horse that better suits your needs.
  • The exchange horse will be of equivalent value.
  • We will do our upmost to find you a more suitable horse in exchange for the original horse purchased.
  • We do not assume any transport costs.
  • We do not give cash refunds
How much is the deposit?

The deposit is £500.

We hold a deposit for 2 weeks before we offer the horse for sale again.  With prior negotiation, we can hold the horse for longer. 

Deposits are not refundable for change of mind.

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are not refundable for change of mind.

Deposits are refundable if the horse fails the vetting. 

Are horses heights exact?

All heights are approximate.  We do our best to give the most accurate horse heights.

What are the costs for the transport?

All costs for the Transport to the UK are included in the horses price. 

Rough idea of transport prices to Europe are from 550€ to 950€.

To get the right price we need your address to confirm with the transport company.

Transportation is a separate company.

Transport is provided by different companies depending where the horse/pony needs to go.